Please call to ask about our puppy school! The course starts with an information module online, and is followed by weekly puppy classes for four weeks. These classes are held typically on Tuesday evenings at either 6:30pm (first session) or 7:30pm (second session).  

Our classes have been lovingly created by Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Sally Nixon in conjunction with our own vet, Dr. Chloe, using positive reinforcement and the most up-to-date science on puppy learning, development and socialisation. The class size is capped at four, so that the puppies are not overwhelmed, and to ensure individual attention is given to each to maximise their experience.

Veterinary behaviourists and other trained behaviour specialists recommend puppies attend socialisation classes and practice positive reinforcement exercises regularly. 

Puppy preschool is fun and educational for both you and your puppy and is a great opportunity to meet other puppies in a safe environment. After all, great dogs are made, not born! From 3 weeks old to 16 weeks old, puppies are primed for learning about people, other animals, objects and their environment.  This is called the critical socialisation period. If they don’t receive adequate exposure, training and guidance during this period, they can develop into poorly-adjusted adult dogs who may be fearful, aggressive or destructive.


It is important that puppies are given opportunities to socialise even prior to the completion of their 16 week vaccination booster, which falls at the end of their critical socialisation period. In addition to puppy school, we recommend regular structured play dates with calm, well behaved older dogs, that are healthy and up to date with vaccinations and worming. These play dates should occur in safe, low disease risk areas such as a house or backyard, with no access to unfamiliar or unvaccinated dogs.