No problem is too big or too small. 

Preventative care, accident/illness, skin disease, lumps and bumps, cardiac and respiratory disease, bowel disease, musculoskeletal problems, allergies, eye and ear problems, puppy/kitten check-ups and advice, exotic pet & avian consultations, behaviour consultations, dental examinations and advice.

10% discount on consultations for rescue animals (please bring adoption certificate).

Ask us about simple and affordable payment plans with ZipMoney or ZipPay or VetPay.


We follow modern guidelines for vaccination of dogs and cats which centre on tailoring the vaccination schedule to the lifestyle, age and health-status of the individual pet. We also vaccinate rabbits and ferrets. 

Titre-testing for distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus is available in-house. 

We offer 10% off the cost of  vaccination for your second pet.

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Microchipping of dogs and cats is compulsory in NSW and VIC. 

For more information please visit:



At Townsend Veterinary Clinic we can also microchip rabbits, guinea pigs and certain birds and reptiles.


We offer a variety of surgeries ranging from routine desexing (dogs, cats and pocket pets) to more complex non-routine surgeries. 

In certain circumstances, our vets will discuss the option of referral to a specialist surgeon. We are very fortunate to have a surgical specialist from Melbourne visit our practice regularly.  On staff, we have the very experienced referral-level surgeon Dr. Peter Young, who has vast experience with complex surgical cases. 

The details of the procedure and expected recovery time will be discussed with you, and you will receive written information as well. 

Veterinary anaesthesia is very advanced and safe theses days, and we have a commitment to excellence in anaesthesia and pain management. 

Emergency Care

Dr. Shelley, Dr. Jenna, Nurse Kim and the team are highly qualified in all aspects of emergency and critical care.

Dr. Shelley is a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of Emergency and Critical Care, meaning that she has completed years of study and  has passed rigorous examinations in this area. She is also an official mentor to other veterinarians undergoing further study in this field. Dr. Jenna has completed a Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care through the University of Melbourne.

If your pet needs emergency help please call us immediately on (02) 6046 9846. 

X-rays and Ultrasound

We are able to obtain high-quality digital X-ray images on-site. X-rays assist greatly in the investigation of many different diseases or accidents. These images can be assessed by a specialist radiologist if required. Digital copies of radiographs taken are provided to the pet owner. 

We also have a separate dental X-ray machine which enables us to provide gold-standard dental care right here in the clinic. Over two-thirds of the tooth is below the gumline and not visible without X-rays! Dental radiography is standard for all our dental procedures. 

Dr. Shelley has a keen interest in abdominal ultrasound and is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound course through the University of Melbourne.  Ultrasound is very useful, non-invasive diagnostic tool which is used daily in our clinic. Ultrasound reports are provided to the pet owner when a full abdominal ultrasound examination is performed. 



Management of a large range of oral pathology including periodontal disease, feline oral resorptive lesions, fractured teeth, retained juvenile teeth, and crowding. 

We have the ability to perform dental radiography on-site, enabling us to provide appropriate treatment for each individual tooth. After all, your pet can't tell us which tooth is sore! As mentioned above,  over two-thirds of the tooth is below the gumline and not visible without X-rays! 

Please ask us for a copy of our detailed handouts on dental disease when you are next at the clinic.

Advanced anaesthesia and critical care monitoring

We have the skill, experience and equipment to be able to provide advanced anaesthesia and critical care monitoring.  

Our advanced equipment includes on-site blood machines for when we need results urgently, blood pressure monitoring, end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring, oxygen saturation monitoring, and monitoring of heart rate and rhythm with ECG.

We are very experienced with geriatric anaesthesia. Your pet is never "too old" to have the procedure they need to keep them living comfortably. Dr. Jenna has a special interest in veterinary anaesthesia, and has managed countless complex cases.

Rabbit care

Nurse Kim and Dr. Shelley have been fortunate enough to work alongside Dr. Gerry Skinner & her team from The Rabbit Doctors in Melbourne. We have experience with all the common rabbit diseases and emergencies including gut stasis, bowel obstructions, urinary disease and dental disease.

We also stock Oxbow premium rabbit food at the clinic, and grow our own vegetables so that our bunny and guinea pig patients have the freshest food possible during their stay in hospital. 


We have on-site laboratory equipment enabling us to have results quickly. Emergency blood results are available within minutes. We also use a veterinary laboratory in Melbourne when required.

We perform microscope examinations of ear discharge, skin lesions, lumps, blood, urine and faeces enabling us to diagnose many conditions quickly. 

We can easily test for common viral diseases such as parvovirus and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). 

We are also able to check blood clotting and blood type in-house. 


We stock a large range of prescription medications enabling treatment of a wide range of illnesses. We also stock flea, tick and mite treatments and other over-the-counter products.  Any medication not in stock can easily be ordered and will arrive quickly. We also use local compounding pharmacies as required. 

Please note that veterinary clinics must abide by certain rules regarding the dispensing of medications; for example, if your pet is on long-term medication, regular check-ups will be required.


We stock pet foods and pet supplies including Oxbow pellets for rabbits and guinea pigs, Prime 100 rolls and treats, handmade pet shampoo from Cinderella's Soaps Yackandandah, handmade dog leads and collars from Animals in Charge, dental hygiene products, and gorgeous indigenous pet products by Outback Tails

We can order in anything else you may require for your pet. 

We have no formal affiliation with any of the pet food companies and will recommend what we believe is best based on your pets' needs and our experience. 



An important part of the recovery of a patient after surgery such as a knee operation is the rehabilitation they receive. With the addition of an appropriate and thorough rehabilitation schedule, their recovery times can be decreased significantly.

Nurse Kim has completed further study in pet rehabilitation, and as such can design a specific exercise program for recovery from all types of orthopaedic surgeries such as knee, hip or elbow surgery. These programs will typically involve certain exercises to help decrease swelling at the surgery site, ensure the muscles in the limb build back their strength, and will also involve massage and stretching to keep the limb healthy and functioning well. Ice and heat are also important factors in rehabilitation and if used appropriately can aid recovery.

Rehabilitation plans can also be useful for older pets that have muscle wastage due to osteoarthritis or previous injury.  


Specialist Referral

When indicated, there is the option to access the expertise of specialists (including ophthalmologists, surgeons and dermatologists) travelling up from Melbourne. If your pets' condition warrants specialist input, we can happily arrange the referral consultation for you.  We will always recommend what is best for your pet. 

For other conditions, referral to Melbourne or Wagga Wagga may be appropriate, and we have a large network of professionals that we trust and can recommend on a case-by-case basis.

We are very fortunate to have specialist surgeon Dr. Adrian Wallace visit our practice on a regular basis. More information can be found here

Medical Boarding

We offer medical boarding for animals requiring daily medication (for example, diabetic pets) or daily wound care. Please ask one of our friendly team members for more information. 

Please ask us about rabbit and guinea pig boarding.


Referral to Dr. Rob Willis (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS)): 

Common conditions treated:

1. Arthritis

2. Spinal pain

3. Post surgical pain & mobility issues

4. Disc prolapse and paralysis (IVDD)

5. Urinary incontinence

6. Epilepsy