We have the experience, qualifications and equipment to manage a wide-variety of emergency cases including road traffic accidents, dog attacks, snake bites, tick paralysis, poisonings, internal bleeding, anaphylaxis, bloat (GDV), head trauma and seizures. Emergency surgery and blood and plasma transfusions can be performed at the clinic. Emergency imaging can be performed with in-house radiography and ultrasound equipment. 

We have an in-house laboratory with the ability to obtain rapid results for blood tests such coagulation (blood clotting; PT/APTT), blood gases, electrolytes and serum biochemistry. We are able to perform continuous ECG monitoring, as well as monitor blood pressure in all types of animals. Respiratory function is evaluated and monitored with oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide monitoring equipment. Oxygen therapy is provided by our oxygen generator and active warming for hypothermic patients is achieved with our humidicribs and warm-air blankets.

What is an emergency? 

Afterhours emergencies:

Our clinic closes at 6pm on weekdays and at 1pm on Saturdays. If you have an emergency problem with your pet outside of these hours, please read below:

Monday night to Thursday morning – please call the clinic number on (02) 6046 9846 and you will be advised of the number for the on-call vet. Please note that afterhours surcharges apply. If we have not seen your pet before, please contact your regular clinic. 

Thursday night to Monday morning (all weekend) and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS – please call the fantastic professionals at River Country Animal Emergency Centre on (02) 6056 8580. 

River Country AEC is located at 2/12 Moorefield Park Dr, West Wodonga (opposite the APCO service station). Please note that we communicate freely with the team at River Country, so there will be continuity of care for your pet. River Country Animal Emergency Centre operates 24 hours a day from Friday night until Monday morning, and is open on all public holidays. 

River Country AEC Website: 

and Facebook: 

Snake Bites! We are prepared - are you? 

Albury/Wodonga is home to many venomous snakes such as Tiger Snakes, Brown Snakes and Red Bellied Black Snakes. Please seek immediate veterinary attention for your pet if you suspect they have been bitten. 

Symptoms are variable and can include transient collapse, vomiting, salivation, paralysis, dilated pupils, bleeding, difficulty breathing, trembling, weakness, disorientation and discoloured urine. Some animals will show these symptoms and then appear to 'recover' - they still need immediate veterinary attention as they may still have received a lethal dose of venom. 

Treatment of an animal bitten by a snake involves emergency assessment, stabilisation and monitoring, blood and urine tests, IV fluid therapy, pain relief and lifesaving antivenom. Some animals will require support to help them breathe. Each case is unique and treatment is tailored to each individual pet.